Best Cities to Visit in Russia


Have you ever dreamed of setting off on a Russian river cruise? This country surely can take your breath away with its remarkable historic metropolises and beautiful homelike towns, explored best from both land and water. To help you learn more about the places to visit in this part of Western Russia, we've put together a list of major highlights which are often included as part of a saturated journey along the Volga River by ship. Find out what to do and see in the iconic capital of Russia, Moscow, take in the beauty of genuine Saint Petersburg, and get inspired by unique Uglich and heroic Volgograd. Already excited to experience a cruise around the alluring and famous Russian cities? This simple guide will be handy to help make the itinerary for your private Russia vacation simply perfect!

1. Moscow, Russia
Moscow, Russia

Without a doubt, Moscow is unlike any other capital in the world. And it's the perfect place to start your acquaintance with Russian culture. This iconic and majestic city welcomes you to experience a harmonious connection between the architectural blend of different ages, significant historic sites, infusive vibes, and modern renovations of the unique capital of Russia. Let this marvelous city enchant you to the very roots of your being as you explore highlights such as the Red Square, the Moscow Kremlin, the Tretyakov Gallery, among others during your Russia tour of 2021!

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2. Saint Petersburg, Russia
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg is in its own right to be called the Venice of the North. Whether it is the burning summer or crisp white winter, the city is an amazing Russian destination surely worth visiting. Numerous canals and bridges are especially beautiful during the enchanting White Nights, and the royal splendor of the City of Tsars is embodied in numerous magnificent palaces, dense gardens, and glorious cathedrals. Without the slightest doubt, this imperial city is a must-see during your Russia journey.

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3. Uglich, Russia
Uglich, Russia

Searching for a place to get acquainted with authentic Russia? Uglich is a unique town that provides different insights into Russian culture. Forget about bustling metropolises for a moment and dive into historic Uglich, as well as the charming nearby Volga towns seen during stops of your river cruise. Though being small and quiet, the settlement lived through some significant historical events that had an impact on the entire country's life. The town's history is reflected in its major attractions which should be seen among your Russia vacation tour plans.

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4. Volgograd, Russia
Volgograd, Russia

Russia has always been strong on its history. But not a single event has shocked the country like World War II. This land survived numerous famous fights of that period. And Volgograd, the "Hero City", still echoes with the game-changing Battle of Stalingrad. This city is your opportunity to step foot on one of the greatest battlefields of the past and learn more about the off-the-beaten-path destinations of Russia. This special experience will be ingrained in your memory for a lifetime!

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