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About Mandrogui

About Mandrogui

Located in a thick forest on the Svir River — halfway between bustling St. Petersburg and the lonely island of Kizhi, famous for its towering, onion-top churches — Mandrogui is a unique place worth seeing. The heyday took place during the birch-bark scroll era. A true open-air museum of wooden architecture, Mandrogui village is famous for its rich carpentry history. Unfortunately, during WWII this area was devastated by war where 29 villages were burned down and people settled in neighboring areas. The old buildings were demolished and new ones like Vodka Museum, Post Office and dwelling houses were built. 

The revival of Mandrogui village started in 1996. Today its permanent population is over 100 people, and more than 200 commuters come here daily to work or run their businesses from the town's bustling streets. The village has a school for children up through eighth grade, as well as animal farms with quail, rabbit pens, and even a bakery where you can taste old-fashioned bread baked according to family recipes passed down by local matriarchs who have since moved on but whose history remains ingrained within this small community nestled between two hillsides which only recently came into existence when an aging Soviet resort was converted into modern housing units that now comprise most of what were once empty lots surrounding warehouses built during the Cold War era. On your visit to the Vodka Museum, you will be offered a 40-degree herbal drink made according to Catherine II's recipe. In the crafts village, you'll have a chance to get acquainted with local handicrafts and take part in masterclasses while also buying souvenirs. 

Must Be Seen in Mandrogui   

  • Immerse yourself into the open-air museum of wooden architecture 
  • Visit the Vodka Museum and taste herbal drink 
  • Get acquainted with the folk dancers and try yourself in pancake workshops 
  • Get inspired by the stunning Volga River panoramas
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