What to See in Moscow


If you are keen on history, art, and culture and prefer to have a perfect balance of it as you travel, the city worth seeing from all the perspectives is without a doubt Moscow. The stunning Russian capital has a lot to offer both for first-time travelers as well as for experienced globetrotters. As you'll be exploring Moscow with a local professional guide during the land part of your cruise tour, you get to see all the unmissable Moscow sights, including the famous Kremlin, Red Square, State History Museum, and the most important churches. Moreover, if you want to explore the city underground, don't miss your chance to see the unique Moscow metro, as this is something particular and unique, all the stations have one-of-a-kind decorations and style, and you may spend entire hours exploring them: 44 out of 200 stations are also listed as cultural heritage sites! To help you to choose the best places to see in Moscow for your leisure time, we've created a list of the top sights to see and add on your bucket list.

1. Red Square
Red Square, Moscow

The best place to start your Moscow tour is the Red Square. This is one of the most famous and gorgeous places to visit while getting acquainted with the city. Important landmarks such as the Kremlin, which is the center of the political power, the State History Museum, Lenin's Mausoleum, and the incredible St. Basil's Cathedral (which according to one theory is nine churches in one) are all placed on the square. One more interesting highlight for all avid shoppers set on the Red Square as well is the GUM department store.

2. Moscow St. Basil's Cathedral
Moscow St. Basil's Cathedral

Moscow's St. Basil's Cathedral, located on the Red Square, is simply not possible to pass by. Deservedly, St. Basil's is one the most beautiful and attractive viewpoints both because of its history and ornate exteriors. The stunning cathedral was built in the 16th century to honor Vasily the Blessed. This UNESCO-listed Moscow gem was initially created as nine separate churches, connected with galleries and passageways, it has seven onion-shaped domes, each with the own style but bringing you out of the reality and feel like in a fairy-tale.

3. Moscow Kremlin & Armory
Moscow Kremlin & Armory

The Moscow Kremlin is exactly one of those pearls of the city which everyone wants to see going on the Red Square. And this is absolutely right! Kremlin is a fortress that goes back as far as the 15th century, uniting museums, walls and towers, churches and even the President's Residence. While there, we do recommend you to save time for the Armoury Chamber, as this is one of the most unique museums in the world, housing very rare artifacts. Don't deprive yourself of the pleasure to see it with your own eyes!

4. Zaryadye Park
Zaryadye Park

Situated very close to the Red Square, Zaryadye Park is a superb place made to make your Moscow vacation relaxing and fun. Zaryadye stands on a historic site and unites the past and the future with its media complexes, recreational spaces, and an underground museum. Make a stop on the Zaryadye Bridge which looks like its standing without any single support, it is one of the most popular photo spots. Also, visit the real Arctic cave and leave a bit of time for the Florarium to see the most beautiful flowers.

5. Cathedral of Christ the Savior
Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Be sure to add a visit to the most significant and highest Orthodox temple in the world, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, to your Moscow itinerary! It was planned as a symbol of the victory in the war with Napoleon 1812, later on it was destroyed, only to be rebuilt again in 2000. Made from white marble with golden domes, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior is the seat of the Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow and entire Russia and represents hope and revival. Don't miss the chance to see this unique Cathedral!

6. Moscow Metro
Moscow Metro

Do you think nothing can be interesting underground? Please let us dispel this stereotype! Take an unforgettable Moscow metro tour to see one of the most magnificent subways in the world! This is not a real museum, but it's definitely worth visiting! Each station has its own style and decoration, and you simply can spend hours looking at all this beauty. Some of the most remarkable stations are Teatralnaya, Elektrozavodskaya, Komsomolskaya, and Arbatskaya stations. Their unique design represents numerous historical events and figures.

7. Moscow Tretyakov Gallery
Moscow Tretyakov Gallery

For all art connoisseurs, the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow is a one-of-a-kind place, standing among number 1s on bucket-lists. The history of the gallery starts with the painting "Skirmish with Finnish Smugglers" that collector Pavel Tretyakov bought for $7.700 (in today's worth). The Tretyakov Gallery was created in the 19th century, it has collections with priceless works made by famous artists as Viktor Vasnetsov, Mikhail Vrubel, and other geniuses. Today the gallery is one of the most significant museums of Russian artwork in the world.

8. Moscow Bolshoi Theater
Moscow Bolshoi Theater

Take the chance to see a unique show at the Bolshoi Theater, attending one of the many performances while in Moscow will surely become a highlight! The history of the theater is directly connected with Catherine II's permission to hold masquerades and theater performances. Initially, it was allowed only for one decade, but as we can see now, Bolshoi not only continues its growth but also gives a unique opportunity to get inspired, learn more about Russian culture, and simply admire the Russian performing of opera and ballet.

9. Moscow Sparrow Hills
Moscow Sparrow Hills

Do you want to see the most picturesque views in the big city? Then add to the Sparrow Hills to your Moscow sightseeing plans. Situated on the right bank of the Moskva River, it is the highest point in the metropolis, reaching about 80 meters above the sea level. Many Moscow landmarks are perfectly viewed from the top of the hill: the Moscow City Business Center, St. Andrew's Monastery, the Luzhniki Stadium, and more. The Sparrow Hills also boast a wide range of outdoor activities, so feel free to enjoy them while in Moscow!

10. Izmailovo Kremlin
Izmailovo Kremlin

During your Moscow travel, leave some free time to visit one of the most fabulous landmarks, the Izmailovsky Kremlin, that was built in 2007. This is not the classic fortress you could expect but the cultural place in the style of the 18th century is very eye-catching. The unique fairytale-like decorations and design make you forget about reality and dive into Russian history, traditions, and beauty. Here you can visit numerous museums, including the Tsar's Palace and see the highest wooden church in Russia.