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About Kizhi

About Kizhi

Kizhi is a unique set of wooden structures that has been preserved on the island in Lake Onega, Karelia. This includes two 18th-century churches and a clock tower built in 1862 that is also made out of wood. Unique, creative constructions in which carpenters created a bold and visionary architecture to perpetuate ancient models of parish spaces within the surrounding landscape. Many theories explain the origin of Kizhi’s name. One suggests it came from an old Veps word meaning “island for social gatherings,” while another theory states its origins come from a Finnish phrase referring to games played by children on this island in Lake Onega. 

The most remarkable part of Kizhi is the Church of Transfiguration. The church was built in 1714, and it's a beautiful creation that should be paid attention to during your visit on the island. In addition, many other churches around the town were known from at least the 15th century onwards when people settled in these areas with Russian roots. The Church of the Intercession is another place you should see with your own eyes. This church has been in use since 1694, making it one of the oldest churches on the island. A bell tower in Kizhi is worth seeing too. The chiming of the bells can be heard throughout the island and beyond, as it was used for communication between villages long ago. From June through September, there are free demonstrations by professional bell ringers who research traditional methods and perform them each day at noon during these shows with their 14 bells made from an alloy of copper and tin.

Must Be Seen in Kizhi   

  • Delve into the legendary Church of Transfiguration 
  • Immerse yourself into another Church of the Intercession 
  • Listen to how a bell tower rings 
  • Get inspired by the stunning Volga River panoramas
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