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The Volga River is the longest one in Europe, and to sail down it is a unique experience worth having at least once in a lifetime. The best starting point for your luxury cruise travel in Russia is either Moscow or St. Petersburg. Along the way, you make stops in charming locations and discover hidden places and towns, such as Uglich, Kizhi Island or Mandrogi, boasting authentic vistas and numerous historic architectural wonders. One of the most important factors for truly great and worry-free travel is the ship to choose for your journey. Feel free to watch a video about Volga river cruises and have a look at our guide to Russian cruise ships to consider selecting for your upcoming getaway! Rest assured, this way of traveling Russia is a great opportunity to both relax and explore!

Volga Dream Ship
MS Volga Dream Ship

Volga Dream is an outstanding luxury liner famous in Russia and popular among travelers from the entire world, willing to explore Russia not only from land but also from water. 109 passengers are welcome on board the greatly rated ship to see the beauty of Russian towns and the fabulous panoramas. All the cabins can be compared to hotel rooms and are well-equipped with everything that might be needed for a comfortable cruise and leisure time. For a cultural experience, join entertaining evenings, classes, and educational lectures.

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Chernishevsky Ship
MS Chernishevsky Cruise Ship

The MS Chernishevsky Cruise Ship is among the most popular ships in Russia. There is a wide range of cabins on board and you can easily choose the perfect one for your enjoyable sailing and relaxation. While traveling, feel free to visit the swimming pool, bar, beauty salon, and join relaxing evenings with music. To learn more about Russia and its culture, explore local cuisine in the modern restaurant. A professional guide on board is ready to share interesting facts about Russia as well and answer all your questions.

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