Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg, Russia

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About Saint Petersburg

About Saint Petersburg

A Call for Visiting Saint Petersburg

The City of Tsars, the Venice of the North, a crown jewel of the capitals, St. Petersburg is rightfully considered Russia's "cultural heart". With its wealthy architecture, glorious palaces, splendid gardens, and outstanding cathedrals, the place, undoubtedly, deserves the title of a genuine Russian imperial city. Dotted with numerous canals and bridges, the large historic center of Saint Petersburg is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The list of magical Saint Petersburg attractions is quite long. One of its most beautiful places, the famous Hermitage Museum, obtains one of the world's oldest and biggest collections of art and antiquities, which, originally, was a private collection of queen Catherine the Great. The main building housing the Hermitage collection is the Winter Palace of the Romanov Dynasty, another point among the must-sees for your Saint Petersburg tour.

On the opposite bank of the river stands the mighty Peter and Paul Fortress, a guardian from water attacks. The Peter and Paul Cathedral is the oldest church in the whole city. Moreover, it is the place where all of the Romanov Tsars of Russia are buried.

Other historic impressive landmarks that should definitely be on your tour of St. Petersburg include the unparalleled Kazan Cathedral, the grand St. Isaac's Cathedral, as well as the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood that's adorned with extraordinary mosaics.

St. Petersburg provides an exciting opportunity to enjoy wonderful Russian river cruises as the city is nestled on the banks of the Neva River. Take a Saint Petersburg cruise to the luxuriant Peterhof Palace which is considered a rival to the Palace of Versailles in France. Authentic royal furniture, Tsar Peter's throne room, and picturesque halls inflate the entire place with the spirit of royal life. Peterhof is decorated with lush gardens and a big fountain complex with the triumph of engineering, the Grand Cascade, being its centerpiece attraction. And when the sun sets, enjoying a canal cruise in the Saint Petersburg night lights is a great addition to the experience.

Your "regal" itinerary continues to the city's outskirts where another wonder of many Saint Petersburg attractions, Tsarskoe Selo, is situated. Admire the richness of the most luxurious summer palace near St. Petersburg, the Catherine Palace, built for Catherine I. Can you imagine that its roof is gilded with more than 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of gold? Superb gala rooms, the legendary Amber Room, and beautiful parks truly speak of the wealth of the Romanovs.

"Must-Do"s in St. Petersburg

  • Reval the treasures and artifacts of the Hermitage Museum
  • Be carried away by the mosaics of the Savior on Spilled Blood
  • Take a canal cruise to feel the spirit of Saint Petersburg
  • Visit the burial place of Russian tsars in the Peter and Paul Fortress
  • Enjoy the drawing of the bridges over the Neva River at night

Saint Petersburg, indeed, leaves an impression for a lifetime. Miraculous summer White Nights or frosty white winters, the city is an astonishing destination at any season. Make your dream Russia travel come true with a memorable package tour of St. Petersburg!

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