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A Tour to Volgograd Historic Corners

Have you ever set foot at the greatest battlefields of the past? In fact, Russia's war records are quite impressive, and a saturated Volgograd tour is a nice chance to get a deeper insight into the great Russian history. Previously known as Stalingrad, it is the place where the course of World War II was shifted. After the devastating yet game-changing Battle of Stalingrad, Nazis were defeated, and Stalingrad got the title of the "Hero City". In fact, Volgograd is a sight of world history and a war memorial itself.

One of Volgograd's main attractions and its historical mark is the Mamayev Kurgan Memorial Complex, standing at the top of a large hill where the most intense parts of the battle took place. The site received its name from the time of the Tatar-Mongol invasion that took place in the 13th century. It is believed that the famous invader general Mamai established an outpost here as the kurgan was a strategically important place. According to the legend, covered in gold armor, Mamai himself was buried in a tomb on the kurgan, named after him.

Genuine Volgograd is a place where you can see how the Russians glorify their homeland. One of the brightest examples of the national patriotism is the amazing 82-meter (279 feet) "Motherland Calls" statue, standing atop the Mamayev Kurgan, along with the dramatic war memorial, an eternal flame, and ruined walls left here from the war times. Two hundred steps leading to the foot of the monument symbolize the 200 days of the Battle of Stalingrad. The Motherland Calls, built in 1967, was the tallest sculpture in the world by the realm of those days.

There are many other museums and monuments in Volgograd worth visiting, one of them is the Panorama Museum. It contains artifacts from World War II, soldiers' personal belongings and weapons, as well as a panoramic painting of the battlefield from the spot of the Mamayev Kurgan.

All in all, the entire city and the history behind it are a living demonstration of the Soviet people's heroic deed which you can experience during your Volgograd trip!

Best Points of Interest in Volgograd

  • Experience Russia's war-time past at the Motherland Calls on Mamayev Kurgan
  • Visit the Volgograd museums to learn more about Russia's military background
  • Take a stroll through the city's streets where one of the famous WWII battles took place

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