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About Moscow

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An iconic and tremendous city, the capital of Russia and the former Soviet Union, stunning Moscow bursts with centuries-old cultural heritage: architectural gems, royal gardens, and historic sites all spiced up by a modern touch of business towers and European style renovations. Such a blend of historical eras makes any Moscow travel truly a one-of-a-kind experience!

When on a tour to Moscow, you can hear echoes of the city's past in its very heart, the Red Square. This place holds a great part of Moscow sightseeing: get inspired by the colorful onion-domed St. Basil's Cathedral, admire the red-bricked walls of the Kremlin, wander around the lush State Department Store (simply called GUM) which is a part of the neighboring Kitay-Gorod, a cultural and historical district and a commercial center worth visiting as well.

Art has always been an important part of Russia's history. For ardent art enthusiasts, there's a perfect opportunity to visit one of Russia's greatest museums, the Tretyakov Gallery. This vast art museum is filled with masterpieces of valuable Russian culture from different ages, thus you may see how the country's life influenced the artists' vision. In addition, we suggest popping into the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts with a beautiful collection of some classic works of Russian and European artists.

The Russians' warm attitude to their artists and literary geniuses is embodied in the names of public parks as many of them commemorate the most influential creators such as Alexander Pushkin. If this name doesn't ring a bell to you, there's a good place to get familiar with this significant Russian poet in Pushkin's memorial flat housing his surviving belongings. To continue your "art therapy" it is highly recommended to attend a show at the world-famous Bolshoi Theater which welcomes you to watch breathtaking performances.

Moscow is crossed by the famous Moskva River offering you a chance to take a remarkable river cruise. The river flows through the very city center so don't miss an opportunity to marvel at the famous Moscow landmarks from the waterside too.

Top Places to Visit in Moscow

  • Feel the beating of the city's very heart in the Red Square
  • Get an "art therapy" at the Tretyakov Gallery and Bolshoi Theater
  • See the famous Moscow landmarks from the water on a fascinating river cruise

All in all, Moscow is a perfect starting point of your Russian cruise with its ancient inheritance, modern gracefulness, historic practicality and inspiring vibes that beg to be seen and felt! So let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful metropolis that never sleeps!

All Attractions in Moscow

All Attractions in Moscow

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