Russia in the Spotlight

Feeling a bit overwhelmed during preparations for your upcoming Russia river cruise? Don't worry, we have your back! To effectively plan your eventful journey, browse our Russia travel advice section, featuring useful tips and answers to often asked questions about touring this wonderful country!

Russia in the Spotlight
Best Cities to Visit in Russia
Have you ever dreamed of setting off on a Russian river cruise? This country surely can take your breath away with its remarkable historic metropolises and beautiful homelike towns, explored best from both land and water.
Best Volga Destinations
If you were looking for a completely new travel experience, setting off on an unforgettable Russian cruise is one of the best ways to discover vast Russia from another side.
What to See in Moscow
If you are keen on history, art, and culture and prefer to have a perfect balance of it as you travel, the city worth seeing from all the perspectives is without a doubt Moscow. To help you to choose the best places to see in Moscow we've created a list of top sights to see and add on your bucket list.
Top St. Petersburg Landmarks
Breathtaking Saint Petersburg, known as the cultural capital of Russia due to its rich history, famous Tsar's residences, and wonderous art collections is a city surely worth viviting. Take a chance to explore the cradle of Revolution and the city full of landmarks!
Best Hotels in Russia
It's not hard to guess that a perfect holiday demands a variety of superb places to live in throughout the time of your great adventure. And as the sailing part of your Volga river cruise is handled by the incredible Russian ships, famous for unparalleled comfort and flawless service, we have found a decent match to offer you for the land part of the Russia tour.
Our Cruise Ships
The Volga River is the longest one in Europe, and to sail down it is a unique experience worth having at least once in a lifetime. The best starting point for your luxury cruise travel in Russia is either Moscow or St. Petersburg. Along the way, you make stops in charming locations and discover hidden places and towns, such as Uglich, Kizhi Island or Mandrogi. One of the most important factors for truly great and worry-free travel is the ship to choose for your journey. Have a look at our guide to Russian cruise ships and choose the best one for you!